Former Prime Minister of Romania, Victor Ponta, elected President of ProRomania Party

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ProRomania has a pro-European leadership based on its founders’ belief that Romania’s path to prosperity can continue only from the inside of the European Union.

ProRomania comes not only with a pragmatic message and concrete solutions, but mostly with the responsibility needed in order to put all  these in practice. We promote key development policies that will generate economic growth and will consolidate Romanias EU Membership. We aim for Romania to play an active role within the European Union, while  ensuring that  EU requirements in terms of economic competitiveness, social solidarity and rule of law are finally fulfilled.

European Union means, first, 70 years of PEACE; solidarity, social protection, economic growth and most of all, a much better life for our citizens, no matter in which part of Europe they are living.

Therefore, in a time when our European project is facing difficult and challenging times, we cannot afford to stay silent or to focus only on national issues. We cannot afford to encourage any form of division between East and West. We have to listen the voice of our citizens, in order to understand their real problems, and join our forces to come up with common European solutions.

 We do believe that national leaders have a key role to play in this regard, in each member state, in order to bring Europe closer to the citizens. It is our responsibility to act in a proactive manner, at national and European level, and to work hand in hand with all the pro-European forces to protect and improve our European Project.

 Romania’s accession to the European Union, a key moment in our history, brought forward undeniable benefits for our country and citizens and we cannot afford to ever take all that for granted.

ProRomania’s mission will be to ensure that Romania will only move further, towards a better future of our citizens, whithin the European Union.

Pro Romania will run for the European Parliament elections, in 2019, as part of the European Progressive Family, and will play an active role in representing our citizens, defending our European values and fight back  against populism.


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